Rare Blue Tourmaline Serpent Necklace

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Tourmaline is the stone of balanced feminine and masculine energies within us all. A supreme heart activator and prismatic auric enhancer, this form of tourmaline is BLUE and incredibly rare. Each one of these stones are like mini orbital intuition enhancing third eye reflectors and magnifiers. 

These incredible stones carry within them frequency vibrations of the star Sirius-the brightest star in our heavens and known as the "Blue Planet." The feeling behind this is one that enhances harmony, peace and the raising of consciousness on the planet in the here and now.

Each Piece is One of a Kind and will not look exactly like the one pictured. However all of them are very similar and hold mini light codes and often tiny rainbows within their matrix. 


Created on vermeil serpent with mini aquamarine (stone of the sea) beads and yellow sapphires. 16-18” length gold fill snake chain

Stone dimensions: approx 1” length and 0.75-1” width.