Rainbow Obsidian Pendulum

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Obsidian is classified as a "mineraloid," a natural volcanic glass formed from molten lava in the late stages of eruption that "cooled" before crystallization could occur. An amorphous material that is then polished to reveal the gas bubbles that form strokes of light shining from within. Their shimmer and gleam is almost impossible to capture in a photograph. 

<<We THOUGHT this was particular one was Black Obsidian, until we saw the almost imperceptible iridescence that lives within it in the light. This led us down the path to discovery that this one is in fact, Rainbow Obsidian.>>

Though this material is on the darker side as far as color goes, it has a heart of gold. It means well. It serves like the most potent of energy workers.

Since the Old Stone Age, Obsidian has been utilized as tools, weapons, and for food cultivation. Due to it's natural sharp edges, it was revered as a shamanic “mirror stone” in many ancient civilizations and cultures. It was used in ceremony, spiritual rites and as a sacred talisman to peer into the shadows of our psyche.

This is one of the most powerful pendulums we have worked with as of yet; for it is an incredibly direct and swift tool for cutting energetic ties that are ready to be severed. 

A piece that helps us fuse the light with the shadow, which seems to be the only way forward.

14k gold fill or sterling silver. We have four of them.

Length: 28" / adjustable.

NOTE: we experimented with new POUND fists for this particular pendulum. We felt it needed something a little unique. The fist is the same size as all of our other POUND fists, however the "ring" or "circle" on top is larger, mimicking the Sun.