Qilin Blessing

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Vintage hollow gold plated medallion from China with a dragon-looking mythical Qilin--equivalent of A Chinese Unicorn---that brings blessings. 

Written on the back in Chinese: "The Qilin brings or bestows blessings of a child/son."

Mom has had this piece in her collection for a very long time and we felt the call to create this beyond fantastical necklace out of it. Paired with a rich, pure, stunning Pink Tourmaline tear drop, Ruby and Madeira Citrines, as well as a pewter crystal "eye" and made on 14k gold fill ladder chain.

This talisman is actually quite "light" on the neck, not heavy at all, for the golden piece is hollow, not solid. 

A treasure that holds the essence of how we like to create: something found paired with the earthen, alchemical, mythical, and mystical combined in a caldron that creates something magical. 

Length: 17-19"