New Moon Dangle

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This is one of our favorite new "inventions" ;)

Similar to our Shooting Stars and Moon Guardians, these are EVEN TINIER renditions of some of our favorite new stones. They are so freaking cute and so freaking LOVELY to wear. 

THE NEW MOON DANGLE is Rutilated Quartz bonded with Hematite into a doublet. Cut like a Kite Diamond. Wrapped in either gold or silver to hang like a Dangle at the throat. Like a Diamond carved by the Moon floating in the air of our Voices. 

Rutilated Quartz is known as the "Hair of Venus" with golden and silver threads shining through her Crystalline Vessel. It Moves what needs moving in our Chakra Wheels. It flushes energy out to make space.

Hematite is literally the Core of the Earth. THE most grounding mineral on the planet that like a Magnet, pulls us to the center of ourselves when we need to come back home to our Essence and feel the vibration of the Earth that helped Birth us. 

Also Check out our Full Moon Dangle! It feels really good to wear them ceremonially during the Moon Cycles and to feel the Magic they hold and the sparkle they cast. 

Length: 15-17" 

Each and Every Crystal will vary slightly in appearance and tone. All are 100% natural stones/crystals.