Elemental Moon Cartouche

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Cartouches are oval or oblong shapes enclosing a group of Egyptian hieroglyphs, typically representing the name and title of a monarch.

This crystal is shaped to form a sort of "name-plate" carved by the stone of the Moon

Paired with vermeil (sterling silver and 18k gold) triangle elements representing "Fire"- triangle pointing up; and "Water"- triangle pointing down. We have one of each.

Designed with our tiny hand-carved 22k gold plated POUND fist dangling off the end, which represents empowerment, strength, the HEART, resilience, and a coming together of humans under the umbrella of Love. 

Little faceted Aquamarine crystals included within the design, which offer the Healing of fluidity, compassion, empathy, softness, and truth.

Currently one with the WATER ELEMENT and one with the FIRE ELEMENT

Made on 14k gold fill chain (sterling silver coming soon)

Length: 17-19"

Fragile stones so please handle with care and love!