Miriam Stone and the Raven

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Calligraphy Stone Pendulum, aka "Miriam Stone" (which we love since Mia-sister POUND Jewelry family and creator) well, her full name is Miriam!

Calligraphy/Miriam Stone is a unique mineral composed of fossilized shells, bones, and vegetation from an ancient-old swamp, formed when the geography and weather near the Himalayas began shifting. It holds a piece of history in her patterns. 

A reminder of times when the Earth was fertile and the soil was rich and a way to hold the energies in hope for returning to the healing of our planet. Every single action, breath and movement taken to heal the self and the Earth reverberates out and back to us. 

A piece that reminds us of helping to nourish the self, the Earth and the Sky so the birds can stay soaring, bringing messages from one far side to the other. 

We get to play in the magic of the universe, but we must take care of it in return.

Paired with hematite Raven, the Messenger. And a bright light teal green opal.


Length: 28"