Mini Yellow Star Sapphire Sun Dial

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Yellow Star Sapphire faceted and hexagonal -(balance and harmony in sacred geometry)- A stone of Wisdom and Inner Will. This piece is composed of so much sacred, it is an altar on its own. It has weight to it that feels grounding. Shimmer inside it that reminds us that we twinkle even in the dark. And a luminescence that helps guide us back to center. 

All six pointed star stones can be a crystal grid on their own.

The six outer points help direct energy straight to the middle. The core. Holding in energy you need to sustain you, or radiate energy outward when you are spreading a message, a vibration, an intention.

A Sun Dial for getting solid in our deservingness to follow our own light. 

Made with tourmaline and Moldavite on 14k gold fill wire and snake chain

Length: 17-19"