Mini Lithium Quartz Pendulum

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Stone of Tranquility
Powerful Stone for Challenging Times/Supports us in Surrendering to the Greater Plan
Lithium Quartz quells your high-energy fears and anxieties. It calms the storm within your soul and heart due to its high lithium content, a natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety. Lithium quartz grows in Brazil and contains stunning lavender and pinkish-hued inclusions, all calming colors. It carries a soothing, gentle energy which purifies deeply rooted anger from this life or past lives that no longer serves you.
We use this stone like a Kali-esque sword, cutting the cords that keep us bound and fuel anger and resentment. Cutting to release ourselves into the freedom of flow.
Small batch of smaller sized lithium quartz pendulums on mini hand carved POUND fist in 14 gold plated or sterling silver on 20" length chain to sit at the HEART.