Manifestor Quartz Necklace with Coral Tones

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Manifestor Quartz (aka. "The Baby Within") 

Manifestor Quartz Crystals literally hold “baby” crystals within the host or “mother” crystal. In this rare formation, you can see the mini crystal encased within the larger one. For an idea to be brought to fruition, it must be nurtured and watered with love and patience. Creating a new reality that is seeded in the heart is possible when you believe in it. SEEing something only AFTER you steadfastly believed in it is such a powerful experience, and it's nice to have a tangible talisman to remind you that what you wish to evoke is possible beyond your wildest dreams. 

Whatever you wish to bring into material form, may it grow from your radical heart and radiate outward into the world, enchanting those who are touched by your magic.

Each Manifestor Crystal was hand picked and selected for its beauty, clear energy, and incredible magic. Every single piece is one of a kind, and once this collection sells out, we are not positive we will be able to locate more.

Stone Dimensions: Length: 1” Width: 1”

Incredible light coral-toned inclusions with Ethiopian opal and cracked quartz on top

Gold Fill Snake Chain

Length of Piece: 16-18”

NOTE: ***All crystals are unique. Natural crystals and stones do not grow perfectly symmetrical and may not appear exactly as imaged in photos.