Kunzite Alchemy Pendant

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Stone of Emotion
Kunzite is like a superhighway between the heart and head. It opens a connection between the two to facilitate communication, healing, and true partnership. It's a powerful ally for mothers (especially mothers of young children) and will help calm both mamas and babes, bringing comfort and ease to all transitions along the your journey together, both big and small. It soothes, protects, and eases heartache after a breakup or disappointment. Take it as a talisman when you revisit places where you've faced difficulty or through rituals to help you heal from loss. Reach out to it on road trips when you're stuck in traffic or when you're headed out for a job interview or first date that's giving you butterflies.

May it remind you to stay close to the earth and remain patient as you shed old skins and grow new ones. The powerful force of Alchemy is always at play. 

Materials: Kunzite stone, mini opal, 14k gold plated Serpent with 14k gold fill snake chain

Length: 16-18" chain (total piece hangs at about 18-20" 

NOTE: ***All crystals are unique. Natural crystals and stones do not grow perfectly symmetrical and may not appear exactly as imaged in photos.