Kunzite and Opal Necklace

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 Kunzite is known as the "Stone of Emotion." It is as loving and gentle as Rose Quartz and an incredible stone for enhancing self-care, self-nourishing and self-love. 

Also known as the Woman's Stone, this crystal carries magical heart healing and strength for new mothers and single mothers. Said to be helpful around babies who are having a hard time sleeping too! 

The Opal is a Prism of our Aura. A Lightning Bolt holding all of the colors of all of the gems of the universe, peeking out at us through the light of the sun and the moon. All radiating when magic is needed most. Known as the 'Gem of All Gems', the 'Queen of Gems', and the 'Eye Stone', the Opal is known to help bring our deepest concerns up to the surface for transformation and healing.

This piece is incredibly special and an amazing "layering" piece.

Made with 14k gold fill chain in the back


Length: 14-16"