Garnet Goddess: Isis 2

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The Egyptian high-priestess moon goddess of magic, mystery and alchemy. She is one of the most ancient and revered goddesses, one who re-fashions life out of what has died and fallen away. 

Born of Earth and Sky, she is known as one of the most powerful Mothers. A healer. A resurrectionist. 

Garnet is the stone of January. It's root word stems from the Latin word "Garanatus" meaning "seed-like," referencing the pomegranate. A stone of fire--primordial fire--it helps us birth our creations out of incredible chaos. 

Materials: Gold plated Isis Emblem, garnet beads, gold-fill chain

Length: 16-18"


A piece from our New Ancient Collection: an amalgamation of talismanic jewels inspired by art, written codes, gilded mirrors, incredible treasures, and tid-bits that have been excavated from the cracks and depths within a very old house---one full of magic, mystery and ancestry.