Garnet Cartouche

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Garnet is known as the "Stone of Tangible Truth." It is one of the most powerful Root Chakra stones in the mineral universe. A stone that promotes strength, vitality, circulation and stability, Garnet is there for us when we are ready to reclaim our sovereignty. Associated with the very Root of our physical bodies, this is a stone that assists in bringing us back to the present moment of sensation and tapping into our senses to develop a more profound level of self-trust. 


We can have our own back. We can hold ourselves when we feel like we are falling. We can lean into the truth of our own knowing. We can Root further into ourselves. 

Shaped like a Regal Cartouche, this piece holds the grounding power and passionate desire-filled beauty of Garnet paired with Stunning Ruby (Purity, Confidence, Motivation) and Faceted Imperial Topaz (Manifestation.)

Created on 14k gold fill wire and snake chain

Length: 17-19"