Evil Eye Threaders

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Mother of Pearl Evil Eyes with dark olive green tourmaline hexagons. 

The "Evil Eye" has been around since 3000 BC and there is some version of this symbol or talisman in a very wide variety of cultures around the world. Around 1500 BC, glass evil eye beads became common in the Mediterranean as symbols of Protection. 

It is also linked to the symbology of the "Eye of Horus", from ancient Egypt which represented protection from harm, luck and fortune. 

We love so many renditions of the Eye because to us, it also represents Intuition and the Opening of the Third Eye/Innate Wisdom and guidance from metaphysical energetic connection. It serves as a reminder to OPEN our eyes, expand our perspectives and take an "eagle eye view" of situations that seem to be causing us conflict or pain.

Our Worlds open as our Eyes do. 

May we learn to LISTEN well. 

Third Eye Magic and Heart Healing at the frequency Mother Earth holds in all of her deep dark green vibrancies. 

Made on either 14k gold fill or sterling silver threaders