Ethiopian Opal and Ruby Necklace

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The Magic Rainbow

Opals hold all of the colors on the rainbow spectrum. They act as prisms, reflecting back your pure light and truest essence. They're enchanting and mysterious, and their flashes of fire come out to play as they wish, dancing in the light. They are magic encapsulated in a gem.

This piece was inspired by a desire to have fractals of light refracting near the throat as a “layering” piece that looks amazing when paired with other POUND pieces. It also stands beautifully on its own!

Paired with Ruby gemstones and 14k gold beads.

Materials: Opal crystal paired with Ruby gemstones and 14K gold beads on a gold fill chain. 

Length: 14-16”

One of a Kind

Note: Opals can change color in the sunlight and in water, so please be gentle and loving with your POUND piece.