Dream Seed Necklace

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Plant the Seeds of Your Dreams
Solar Quartz is agatized quartz which holds the properties of clear quartz as a “Master Healer” AS WELL AS the healing of drawing us deeply back to our center. This stone resonates with the very structure of our cells. It increases the pure white light vibrations your core self emits while asking for or receiving guidance from your angels, source energy, or the plant and animal kingdom. 

While we were creating them, this collection of Solar Quartz stones asked to be called “DREAM SEEDS.” Each one is unique and holds its own pattern or code in the center of the stone, many of which feel like mini dreams held within the stone structure. It's up to you to decipher what meaning each holds for you. These particular pieces are tangible talismans that remind you to continue planting the seeds of your dreams, especially during incredibly uncertain times, while surrendering any notion or attachment to exactly HOW they will grow. The manifestation of your dreams will look different than you think, and that is the miracle of the SEED held inside a DREAM.

Materials: Teardrop-shaped Solar Quartz Seed crystal, mini hand-carved POUND fist, fine metal chain, and clasp. Choice of Gold Fill or Sterling Silver.

Length: 16-18”

NOTE: Each Dream Seed is unique and will be a different color and symbol in the center than the ones pictured. Please TRUST in the one you receive. We do our very best to intuitively tap into each order and send the piece that calls.