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A set of seven postcards, each designed and created by Mia Kannapell as works of beauty and meaning to share with your loved ones. 

Each of us holds all of these "wheels" or circular centers of energetic force within us. All of the energetic centers resonates with a color from the rainbow. A light of beauty within the spectrum of all possibility. 

These cards were birthed during a time of separation; when we could not be together as often as we wished during the pandemic. They live on with the essence of connection and sending messages of love and thought and ideas with loved ones. 

Communing is more important than ever. 

Red= Root; Orange = Sacral; Yellow = Solar Plexus; Green = Heart; Teal Blue = Throat; Indigo Blue = Third Eye; Purple = Crown

Pack includes Seven 4x6 postcards. One for each of the Chakras.