Black Tourmaline and Kyanite Threader Earrings

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Stone of Protection

Black Tourmaline is the MOST incredible shield in the mineral king/queendom against negative energies. It protects against humans and life forces that suck our energy straight out of us and is incredibly grounding as well. This stone can be used to purify our energy fields when we feel toxic or in need of a serious cleansing.

Black Tourmaline also acts as a barrier against environmental pollutants and can be placed near electronics to guard against unwanted stimuli and radiation. This stone is the bomb. We paired it with bright gorgeous gold-fill chain, so it's at once classy and elegant while incredible raw and “rocky.”

Blue Kyanite aligns our chakras and specifically strengthens the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Kyanite is one of the only crystals in the mineral world that does not need to be saged or cleansed, as it naturally re-attunes and cleanses itself. It is a powerful stone to DISPEL ILLUSION.

Length: total length of threader = 4.5". Hangs at about 2" from earlobe in front and back.