Holographic Healer

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Rainbow lattice sunstone, also known as Rainbow lattice, is a type of orthoclase feldspar that exhibits a rare combination of aventurescence, adularescence and a distinctive iridescence lattice pattern. It is made of Moonstone and Hematite primarily. Two potent stones for deep Root Chakra and Emotional healing.

This is a piece for Holographic Healing. It was designed to re-wire our thought patterns down to a cellular level.

It reminds us that when faced with illness, deterioration and death, we can heal. We can release. We can expand. And that everything is happening for a reason we may not yet be able to see. 

Paired with Pink Tourmaline for the HEART and black MOP hand-carved Skull Guardian to remind us to honor and live life. This life. 

14k gold fill wire and chain

Length: 17-19"