Pendulum of Dancing Ghosts

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This is one of the very last Lithium Quartz pendulums we have in stock. We have been holding onto her for a long time. She is a little larger than most of our Lithium Crystals and has wisps of ghost-like minerals float-dancing inside. The white streaks also look like mini flames, paired with delicate lavender inclusions. I have always thought of Lithium as holding a Kali-esque energy. Cord cutting everything in her path and destroying to birth anew. In the aftermath there is calm. And peace. And wisp whispers like feathers falling from the sky reminding us to look up. 

Materials: Lithium Quartz Pendulum, Herkimer Diamond, Gold Brass Chain

Length: 28" (adjustable)


A piece from our New Ancient Collection: an amalgamation of talismanic jewels inspired by art, written codes, gilded mirrors, incredible treasures, and tid-bits that have been excavated from the cracks and depths within a very old house---one full of magic, mystery and ancestry.