Alchemical Matrix

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Rutilated Quartz brings movement, change, pattern disruption, new ideas. This one is Paired with a Serpent and the stone itself has these stunning threads of golden lines and silver splashes. This piece is a doublet, meaning the Rutile Quartz is combined with Hematite, which adds that powerful Earth energy to the healing vibration of this Necklace/Amulet. 

The overall theme of this piece is Alchemy. Transformation. Movement. Change. But it is Solid in that is holds such a deeply rooted energy, held by the Snake (belly to the Earth) and the Hematite (Made of Iron just like the Core of the Earth.)

It is paired with a Raw Diamond which symbolizes Strength and Resilience and Inner Beauty.

22k gold plated Serpent, 14k gold fill wire and snake chain

Length: 17-19"