A Messenger from the Seven Planets

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 A winged creature flies at the bottom of this Agate. A rare formulation of stone. Vibrates at the frequency of the Earth and feels like a signal sending messages to us from all of the Seven Sacred Planets orbiting above. 

4ith pic is of the backside of the stone: equally as mesmerizing as the front. 

Paired with an eye-shaped Opal and "ladder" chain in 14k gold fill with an opal embedded in the chain. We call this process "Breaking the Chain" to embed the stone in the middle on the left side near the heart. A metaphorical act of breaking the things from the past that keep us chained to the old way of doing things. 

Stepping in and stepping up. A new frequency. Jewel-like and holographic.

14k gold fill

Length: 17-19"