The High Priestess Pendulum: a collaboration between POUND Jewelry and Tarot Mystic Angie Banicki

POUND Jewelry and Tarot Mystic Angie Banicki have joined forces to choreograph a Pendulum Necklace that inextricably links us to the energy of the High Priestess from the Tarot, as well as the depth of intuition that lives within us all.

Cleanse. Purify. Ground. Go Within. Receive Wisdom. Feel Your Brilliance. Trust Your Magic.

The High Priestess connects you to ever evolving inner soul power. She is the goddess plugging you into insight, depth and intuitive prowess. Let this piece keep you connected to her, to your higher self. She is a magnet for the universe drawing to you inner revelations and outer intense(and magical) experiences. She will navigate the most profound experiences with an inner knowing as if being led by guardian angels. Ask her to clear you for healing, ask her to guide you through new and unique terrain in the material world and allow her to surround you with an enchanting glow that elevates your spiritual world.

The High Priestess Piece is composed of a Smoky Quartz Pendulum, Opals, and Blue Kyanite. 

Smoky Quartz is a stone that deeply honors Mother Earth. It is one of the most grounding of all the crystals, while also allowing incredibly potent clearing light to enter through the crown chakra and purify the body like sacred smoke does.Its name comes from its color and the way it appears to have wisps of said smoke circulating through its vessel. It clears. It cleanses. It purifies. So that we may tap further into the root of who we are and gain clarity of insight as we delve into deeper trust of our intuitive powers. 

Pendulums are tangible talismans that have been used for divining and uncovering hidden or subconscious truths for 1000s of years. They're oracles and external compasses to reflect your inner wisdom, and this one serves as both an empowering necklace with healing benefits AND as a divining tool to call upon your highest self. As they swing from one extreme to the other, allow the resting space of balance to come from within. Your pendulum is the tangible tool that directs you to the point of stillness inside of you, and a powerful reminder to return to this place for grounding, balance, and rest as often as you need.

Blue Kyanite connects us to our telepathy and psychic energies. It vibrates similarly to the frequencies of the Third Eye: Intuition. It helps us access profound meditative states and washes away mental clutter so that we gain access to the bridge between this three dimensional realm and those that live beyond it.

Opals are Stones of Magic. Once said to be "bad luck", only because they were beginning to rival the Diamond Industry in their preciousness, Opals are indeed incredibly fortunate and abundant stones made of light and water. They hold every color of the rainbow inside their sphere and reflect back to us that there is infinite possibility living within us. 

Adorn the altar of your body with this highly vibrational Priestess Necklace as a reminder of the High Priestess oracular energy that lives within you, as it lives in all of us. The time has come for us to trust ourselves, our cells, our bodies, maybe more than ever before. 


9/10/2022: The Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Virgo Season & the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere

The Virgo/Pisces Axis holds a potent amount of priestess energies that invite us to tap more intuitively into our ancient wisdom, somatic experiences, and our innate powers as we CHOOSE to HEAL. Healing entails that we honor where we are, what our capacity as human beings is, and that we deepen the embodied truth that all of the seeds of our labor and the magic of our gifts are connected to something much much greater. Honor the High Priestess within as the moon fills itself with light, and let the sway of the pendulum remind you to trust your sovereign self as you locate the inner intrinsic balance that is alive and humming. 

So much love from the light-activated and depth of knowing that lives within our pounding hearts,
the POUND girls and Angie

Important Ordering Information

1. All POUND Pieces including the High Priestess Piece are handmade and made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for your magic to ship.

2. All crystals, stones, gems, and POUND Pendulums are natural occurring miracles made by Mother Earth. Each and every single one is unique and will not look exactly like the photograph. Tap into inner trust, knowing that the piece that is calling to you is the one that is on its way to you.

3. The High Priestess Piece is LIMITED EDITION, it's made on 14k gold fill instead of base metals, and most likely will sell out! Fear not! We plan to always continue to the art of intuitive creation and more collaborations with Angie Banicki are around the bend. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive access to updates, launches, re-stocks and the crystal wisdom. 

QUESTIONS? Contact us and a member of our team will follow up shortly!


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