The Great Mother and the Nesting Doll: 2

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 Turquoise from Eastern Europe, formulating herself in shapes due to the power of water, seeping into veins or cracks in the Earth.

Water and Earth come together to create these formations that feel like the Mother, in whatever form you find her, speak to her, and honor her.

The stones, they even carry her shape. Many of these talismanic earth gifts appear to have "babies" in their womb. Like a Russian Nesting Doll, carrying the seed, the egg, the spark of life that will not incarnate for at least a generation or two. 

The layers of the Mother that live inside this form are like a hall of mirrors. A baby being swaddled in multiple blankets to keep it safe and held.

These pieces came to us in Cancer Season: the sign of the Mother.

The Moon.

The Womb.

The "Nest." 

Delving into the subconscious waters of our souls and the multi-faceted ways in which we are healing our relationship with and to the Great Mother. Our own mothers. And the mothers inside of us. 

A piece that says: it is ok to feel what you feel. You may swim inside the feeling for as long as you need, without needing to know why that feeling is arising. Let it Be. 

A place to call Home. A nest in which to rest. 

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