Talking Tourmaline: Earth Steward

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We found a small batch of Tourmaline in the raw imbedded in Quartz last week in Tucson.

I call them the "Talking Tourmaline" because that is just what happened when we started working with them and making them into wearables. They started talking. 

Stones have so many messages that have been buried inside the Earth and come FROM the Earth. In a frenzy of trying to make things in time for Valentine's Day I became impatient and bratty with the fam. I paused and took a breath. I found stillness and listened. In those moments I was holding one of these pieces and I started feeling like something outside of me was talking to me and I remembered.......the Stones Talk. 

I can not tell you what each one has to say to you. But they each had a really powerful message for me to share with you!

This one said to go to the mountains. The caves. The ancient ruins. And to pay attention to the ways in which rocks jut out awkwardly to form symbols in time and space. The signs are pointing in the direction of climbing past mental obstacles. And reminding you of times past that will help push you into your future which is in deeper connection to the Earth. Share your wisdom. 


New rope chain in 14k gold fill (obsessed)

Length: 17-19"