Human Body Turquoise

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Turquoise is a Stone of Wisdom and Truth. A powerful talisman for owning one’s Voice. This particular Turquoise comes from Kazakhstan and is one of the most brilliant, unique, magical forms of turquoise we have ever found. 

Each of these rocks forms like a geode, rough and rocky on the outside---revealing a world of wonder and beauty on the inside. Many of these open the way butterfly wings do when found in nature, and are symbolic representations of how we are emerging into our full potential, closer to the essence of truth we were each individually born with. 

This particular turquoise is larger than the Lissie necklaces and formed in the shape of a physical body. A powerful talisman for those who are dealing with physical ailments that you are working to heal and understand on a deeper, more intuitive level. 

On 14k gold fill

Length: 17-19"