We are moving through another HUGE Astrological and Earthly portal. The largest shifts of the year. 

"As above, so below" is a quote from Hermes Trismegistus who was said to have written it in an ancient text titled The Emerald Tablet

Much of the inspiration for this collection comes from the Emerald itself. "All of the green in nature is concentrated in the Emerald"--St. Hildegard of Bingen

We listened to this podcast titled "Animism is Normative Consciousness." The podcast is titled: THE EMERALD

Most of the pieces for this collection are NOT actual emeralds. That being said, the designs and stone selections are all connected to one another and were inspired by the synchronicities that kept arising for us in relation to the emerald.

We delved deep into the truths that felt alive in our own bodies during the creation of these amulets.

We remembered that every single crystal and stone act as portals and connect themselves to one anther AND to us. These beings of nature hold consciousness and meaning. The life-force in the stones help remind us what an animate world we exist within.

Humans have been participating in the art of adornment since the beginning of time. 

The question arises: WHY DO WE ADORN ourselves in shiny bright objects?

We believe one of the answers = To connect us to the magic of the natural world. 

To be in this body is a gift and when we tune into the frequencies above and below us, what an honor it is to be able to ornament oneself with beauty that comes directly from the caverns of our living breathing planet.

Let these talismans be reminders of our inherent and primal desire to be embellished in ways to connect us directly to our ancestors, the trees, and the animals all around us. 

The necklaces are alive and brimming with interrelatedness.