POUND Talisman Pouch: 3

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One of a kind 100% handmade talisman pouches to carry sacred objects, treasures, talismans and jewels. 

Each one is unique and 100% handmade from scratch by our visionary extraordinaire Mia Kannapell. She wove vintage lace sourced from our ancestors and eclectic beads from our mom's collection that glimmer with iridescence. She utilized leftover fabric from our aunt Mary's wedding many many years ago and strung each and every piece of thread to choreograph magic into being. 

Crystals are embedded inside some of the pockets and lace. Cord is all vintage and there is a rustic handmade natural vibe to these, each one sings with its own electric pulse. 

There is nothing more exciting to us than uncovering a rare gem that speaks to us in this very moment of time, and these treasure pouches feel the same. 

A sacred space to hold sacred things that hold meaning to you. 

Each one took hours to make, as Mia taught herself the craft in the middle of making these. Woven magical blessings in every thread. 

Materials: Linen, cotton, vintage fabrics, antique lace, crystals, beads, gems, iridescent thread, cord, power, sweetness, love. 

Size: approx 6" length; 4" width