Star Fairy: Light

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Lepidocrocite is a quartz full of Hematite flecks. The flecks in the Light Star Fairy are surrounded by clarity. Simultaneously clear and full of swirling ideas.

We can reach for our dreams with our feet planted in the Earth.

This one twinkles with twilight dust and serves as a beacon of light, even in the darkest of moments. A reminder that every corner of our true essence is clear, bright and devoid of distorted agendas.

A fairy that holds our hand, guiding like a compass through night into light. 

Feels like finding fire-flies, causing fluttering in the gut and heart. 

Materials: Lepidocrocite quartz, black spinels, black opal, gold-fill or sterling silver wire and chain

Length: 16-18"

A piece from our New Ancient Collection: an amalgamation of talismanic jewels inspired by art, written codes, gilded mirrors, incredible treasures, and tid-bits that have been excavated from the cracks and depths within a very old house---one full of magic, mystery and ancestry.