Mini Isis Goddess Pendant

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Isis is the Egyptian High Priestess Moon Goddess of Magic, Mystery and Alchemy. She is one of the most ancient and revered Goddesses, one who re-fashions life out of what has died and fallen away. 

Born of Earth and Sky, she is known as one of the most powerful Mothers. A Healer. A Resurrectionist. 

Kyanite is a naturally self-cleansing crystal with incredible mind-opening properties. It enhances our psychic and meditative states and helps us give and receive extraordinary energetic healing.

This version of our Isis Pendant is a smaller version with the Goddess emblem affixed to the center of the chain like a charm. A potent piece for radically healing times. 

Materials: Gold plated mini Isis Emblem paired with Blue Kyanite and Tiny blue Diamond on 14k gold fill chain

Length: 15-17"