A collection of necklaces tied to the theme of LOVE. Each piece was intuitively envisioned, designed and created to connect to the core of our pulse and the unique rhythm of our POUNDing Hearts. 

Crystals and Stones were selected to help us be more steady in the profound ways we get to choose love, in all of its many forms and facets. 

Our hearts are like the Crystals, weathered and worn over time but never becoming less-so for their struggles. They only expand and get stronger. The electromagnetic field magnifies as we sit in the stillness of the gifts we have gained from loving; over and over and over again. 

When we seek love from outside ourselves, notice where the cracks we feel need filling are. An invitation to notice if you can GIVE YOURSELF the love you so boldly seek. Fill yourself to the brim with sweetness as you would a new exciting lover.

This season, become the bright enchanting light you wish another person, object or space could cast upon you. 
Let these creations become touch-stones and reminders of the capacity you have to heal yourself. To release yourself. To open yourself. For more love to seep in.