Every year around 8/8 there is a cosmic alignment of the Earth and the heliacal rise of the brightest star in the sky, Sirius.

This portal and powerful blast of light on our planet while the Sun is in Leo is tied to ancient Egypt and is known as “The Lion’s Gate.”  

A potent time honored as a wave of massive energetic activation and a rise in consciousness occurs. 

Sirius is a source of spiritual light and a symbol of abundance, creativity, and in Greek means “glowing” or “sparkling.” 

Our very bodies are constructed around light. We are drawn to the stars and to the moon because our literal physical bodies naturally gravitate towards the source of the shimmering powers which quite literally “light the way.” 

These luminaries shine brightest amongst the darkest of skies.

The pitch black night reveals the light. 

With the Sun in Leo, we are given the courage to use our hearts as a compass.

With the brightest Star in the sky rising, we are emboldened with extra radiant light as armor to bravely face what is calling to be acknowledged.

As the stones climb from the underworld towards the light, they mirror our nature and remind of us our resilience and ability to keep reaching.

A collection of pieces birthed by Mother Earth through the process of fire alchemy, here to help serve as the fuel we may need to shine from the depths of our sun-souls. 

Many of the stones that showed up at this time are ones we have never worked with before. Namely, Obsidian. 

Obsidians are interesting in that it takes the light of the sun hitting them just right in order for them to reveal their slivers of sheen and rays of luminescence. That feels about right. It is as if they are calling for us to integrate the light and the shadow into one great big ball of cosmic soul awareness. To fuse the polarities and accept the portions each have to offer. Together, they make a whole. This is not a new concept and it is embedded in all of the ancient mysteries that are coming back into our authentic, awakened awareness. There is so much beauty to wearing this bonding of light and dark and to intercalate ourselves inside of their marriage.