The Fairy Collection is an offering of Sweetness encapsulated in Adornments to Honor the Essence of the Fairy and Flower Realms. 

Inspired by the boundless inner worlds that are reflected in our outer worlds when we open our minds and our hearts. 

Our imaginations created entire worlds we could live inside when we were little. This collection is a reminder to return to those worlds as often as possible. A plethora of childhood relics and treasures were collected and choreographed into an altar to help open the doorway for energies to assist the creation of these pieces. The altar became a portal to invite in the fairies, mer-people, elves, gnomes, pixies, the devas, and a whole host of other nature beings who tend to the flowers and the twinkling glimmers between the leaves of the trees.

A recent trip to the Emerald Isle, Ireland, spurred inspiration  a place on Earth where the veil to the realm of the Fae is thin and the essence of their life-force is deeply revered, felt and welcomed. As we opened ourselves to the possibility of this mini collection, crystals, stones, trinkets, beads, dangles, and ideas began to jump up and down for joy. We followed the feeling, and we helped bring these adornment creatures to life to be worn and to be adored.

May you find the ones that light you up!