Selenite Charging Tablet: Polished

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Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum that emits pure white light and incredible cleansing energies. It assists in clearing, cleansing and charging the air, our human bodies and other crystals and minerals. 

Associated with the Moon (comes from the word Selene and literally means "moon stone") and her incredible radiance, Selenite is most likely one of the most powerful crystals for transmitting light and well-being on planet Earth.

Thin Tablets of Selenite cut and polished

Place your POUND piece or any other of your crystals one by one on your Selenite Tablet in a window or on your altar to help them de-clutter stuck energies from all the magical work they do. 

Super Limited Edition

Size: approx 6" length, 2" width, 1.5" depth