Pan Prints: The Green Man Follows Fairies

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Tourmaline holds the energy of Balance. Masculine and Feminine. Yin and Yang. Up and Down. Inside and Out. 

These mini tiny Brazilian Tourmalines feel as old as time itself and we gathered them from a man who had them in his collection for over 45 years. 

Mom says they remind her of tiny Pan Paw Prints, her beloved dog who passed two years ago who shows up as a light-source angel spirit for us in so many ways as we create POUND pieces. I feel like they also hold Protective energies like tiny evil eyes of old. And they love Fairy Energy! Paw prints in the ground that bring us green man Earth energies and  Wild feisty frolicking bliss. 

They are Magic encapsulated. And here to remind us that when all else fails; when things feel a mess and amiss; tap into Joy. Pleasure. And Play.

Super Rare lil' Pieces. Super Limited Edition.

Created on the most loving smooth silky snake chain (18k gold fill, rose gold fill or sterling silver)

Length: 15-17"