In honor of Inanna--the ancient Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, abundance, sensuality, procreation and also of war. One of the most primal faces of the Goddess. Queen of Heaven and Earth. She who courageously makes the profound descent into the underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigel and has to pass through Seven Gates (corresponding to the Seven Chakras and the Seven Major Planets.) Brought to her knees when she gains access to the underworld only to reclaim her power and Rise again. 

At each gate, Inanna removes a Symbol of Power: her anklets, her armor, her divining rod, bangles, necklace, robe and crown. A shedding that has her bare all. A release that has her let go of all forms of outer protection. 

As she makes her ascent back to the upper world, she retrieves her Symbols which exude all the more potency for the journey she has had the strength to embody. 

Each piece made of Tourmaline: a primordial and primal power stone that mirrors the multi-faceted fractals we each hold within. They are born of the Earth, holding powerful minerals such as Iron, Magnesium and a variety of metals. Tourmaline has its own electric charge and can be activated by the heat of our human bodies when worn or by gently rubbing them with our hand. This enables their recycling capabilities as they turn negative energy into positive and usable energy. Activating our chakras, opening areas that have been blocked, and allowing energy to flow through all of our energy centers. 

An invitation to acknowledge and honor the entire spectrum: a spectrum of light, of color, and of the cyclical nature of our descents that have us face the shadow and bring them back up to the light with more awareness, empathy, consciousness and vitality. 

Launched on the New Moon in Virgo with Mercury stationing direct in Virgo: A cleansing moment to plant seeds with your Symbols of Power. 

Symbols of Power as Language communicating what is true for you Now.