Lava Necklaces: Delve Deeper

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Natural Lava Rock with two or three (EACH ONE IS UNIQUE) crystals embedded in the rock, paired with Aquamarine on Snake Chain. 
A true invitation to delve deeper. 
A grounding stone that is also connected to the the depths of the earth and the element of primal fire.
Creation and destruction; a sacred cycle lives inside this rock that is born from hot magma flowing from within the Earth. A stone that pulls out the hiding parts of the self that need healing from the depths, forging them into the light to be witnessed, acknowledged so that peace may be experienced.
Aquamarine paired with the lava to increase the energy of "flow." 
Lava also ABSORBS heat, so if you are feeling inflamed or overwhelmed, Lava will absorb some of the extra energy you do not need to carry. 
Used to hold and absorb and enhance the properties of essential oils as well. 
Length: 15-17"