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A series of pieces designed with Solar Quartz Slices that are formed in caves (like wombs) and almost always hold cyclical, orbicular, feminine, womb-like and figure 8 patterns that serve as symbols and strength like armor when we need the reminder.

These particular pieces of Mother Earth Magic showed up in divine timing, as always, to help harness the powerful potency of this particular time. Strength, Courage, Fire, and Trust in the Divine Feminine that lives within us all. 

Grounded Root (CAVE) Chakra- pulling from the depths of darkness and harnessing magic from that place. Less division and more unity is held within the crystalline nature of these crystal beings. 

This particular piece is made with opal and tourmaline and on one side, looks like an "S" curve with 3 codes of light and on the other side, looks like the body of Venus of Willdendorf.

On sterling silver.

Length: 17-19" 

Super Limited Edition and 15% of proceeds from the sale of each of these pieces will be donated to Missouri Abortion Fund (where we live, which was also the first state to ban abortion after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.)