Shooting Stars

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Mini Rutile Quartz Kites that bring on that very brief but potent feeling of "awe" when we see A shooting star falling from space toward Earth. A flash of light. A stroke of magic. A second of thrill. 

Like woven golden streamers or threads creating webs of stories inside a cavern of crystal with hematite, these little beings are potent guiding lights that help us MOVE stagnant energy and believe in the universal unfolding of our journey. Whatever twists and turns our lives may take, we WILL reach that moment of "aha" when we understand it was always for us. Not against us. 

Made with Raw Diamonds on top---the pure Brilliance, Strength, Fortitude, and Imagination of YOU.

Your Choice of Metal! 

Sterling Silver or 14k gold Fill

Length: 16-18"

Very Limited Edition