Five-Pointed Star of Woven Prayers

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This piece is another incredible, dense, powerful Yellow Star Sapphire with a plum-colored sphere of glittery shimmer inside it.

This one we had made into the shape of a Five-Pointed Star which has been used as a Symbol to represent the Five Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Wood. It also represents Faith, Harmony, and Peace. 

This piece is a representation of the power of prayers and how each an every act of reverence weaves itself like a thread into the center of our being, helping guide us like the light of a Sapphire even when we feel we can not find that Light. When you wear the Star, you remember. 

This talisman has been designed with Tanzanite (Royal) and an Amber/Olive toned Tourmaline Pyramid to represent past, present and future. 

14k gold fill wire and Snake Chain

Length: 17-19"