Edgar and the Raven: 1

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Tiny hand carved, hand picked peach-toned 8mm Mother of Pearl Skull with hand carved Black Mother of Pearl Bird (Raven)- or can symbolize any bird you wish.

Mom named this one Edgar because as she made it, it reminded her of the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe "The Raven." 

The Raven symbolizes a 'mournful, never-ending remembrance’ and the human is allowed to feel the sadness that comes when things end forever. A natural part of life to honor what has passed and sit in the stillness of the discomfort. Be it winter, loss or letting go. For transformation.

Energetics of the Planet Pluto.

This piece is a Talisman for honoring our Ancestors. Breaking ancestral ties that bind us to the past that is ready to be released. And a reminder that what has a beginning also has an end. Live. Live. Live this life. 

Potent. Graceful. And Strong. 

We could not love these little soul guardians more.


on 14k gold fill snake chain

Length: 15-17"