Crystallum Orbis Talisman

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The use of the crystal ball / orbis dates back to the 5th century CE. It became a popular method of divination used by the Druids of ancient Europe. 

Each one of these epic orbs carries a rainbow inside it.

We paired each with a green piece of Diopside and a mini crystalline eye on top. Affixed to the chain in the center. To be worn, or to be utilized as a tool for us to gaze into with our orbicular eyes to see deep into our subconscious flow---a tool for tapping into healing necessary in the past, present and the future. 

These little pieces of magic are dense and made of pure crystal.

They are a dream come true because they transport us back in time to nostalgic childhood memories when magic filled us to the brim as we chased miniature replications of our visible world, and chased rainbow arc'd themes of the world beyond sight. 

If you feel the call for one of these, listen. 

Super limited edition and we most likely will not be able to get these beauties again.

Length: 16-18" on sterling silver OR 14k gold fill