The Solstice

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When you come upon a Chrysoprase that doesn't feel or look like an average Chrysoprase, you may trust that the Joy is hiding beneath a frozen surface. 

When the Sun is holding still for a moment as it does on the Solstice, we get the permission slip to do the same. Stay still. Pause. Dive in and under. To truly listen takes determination. 

And as we do the great listening, the Sun holds its gaze on that one frozen spot long enough to pierce its strength through the density and allow cracks to form. Little glimmers of light peek through. 

The joy was always there inside the heart of the frozen water. Just took the stillness and strength to stay the course to let it re-reveal itself to us in a new never-before-perceived-manner. 

The Pearl floating above is the Silver Moon that holds us in our watery reflection as the darkness thickness. 

Somehow, someway, there is always a light. 

14k gold fill