Serpentine Scarab Necklace

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Perfect graduated slices of dark, almost black Serpentine stones with 14k gold beads in between each. Paired with ancient Roman Green Glass on one side and a golden Scarab on the other.

Serpentine is actually dark green mineral that looks almost black, consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate (good for our bones and our joints), that is sometimes spotted like a snake's skin. 

This piece is for those working with Kundalini energy (which begins to really really super awaken around mid-life near the Uranus opposition)- and a piece for opening to the energies that are rising from the base of the spine up to the crown.

Like vertebrae, this piece is a ceremony in and of itself.

Paired with ancient glass and a Scarab, which is the ancient Egyptian symbol of re-birth and a message from the cosmos that when we pay attention, the meanings of situations, relationships, events, past lives, and our current existences begin to reveal themselves to us with little signs and lights all along the way. 

Each space between each stone is a breath. 

14k gold fill chain, 14k gold beads, 22k gold plated scarab

Length: 19-21"