Ancient Roman Glass with Vintage Carved Quartz Fly

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Roman Glass is an ancient glass, discovered in archaeological excavation sites in Israel and in other Mediterranean countries. Each bead that has been uncovered bears the marks of not only its past life as a temple object but also holds the energy of the earthen territories where they lived until discovered and transported. 

There is something so powerful about using ancient relics that were used as adornment pieces from generations ago by our ancestors that walked the Earth. Often preserved in the desert sands of Israel, these stunning pieces of glass were most frequently used as vessels before they were used as components for jewelry making. Which feels even more special, as we are altar vessel beings adorning ourselves with the art collected from times past. 

Paired with carved quartz "fly" that also resembles a "bee"----used in ancient Egypt as a talisman for protection. 


Length: 20-22" 

14k gold fill chain