Third Eye Diamond

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Lapis is one of the most ancient stones in the universe and was used in Egypt as a portal to open the Third Eye. It was crushed to use as pigment to adorn the eyebrows of the Priestesses.

Lapis is a Stone that says "I will not Attune to You. Rise UP. And Meet ME." 

Lapis holds the energy of Discernment and Boundaries. Of Sovereignty. It does not need to come to your level because it knows you can Ascend to the Level of Lapis. Which enables us to perceive, feel and become hyper aware of energies from a Hawk's Eye View vs. the 3D realm.

A Stone of Inner Wisdom.

Paired with a Third Eye enamel piece with two Diamonds embedded within it and Opal that has purples and blues and pinks.

Length: 18-20"