Solstice: Dark

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Red Jasper. Dark and fire-y. A piece created for honoring Winter and the dimming of the Light above-ground so that we may go Inward.

Nature does not fear darkness. And darkness can not be avoided. Go willingly. It is where everything must reside in order to gather fuel for its birth. A Talisman of the forever cycle: birth, death, re-birth. 

A Cartouche style-cut with volcanic reds and blacks splashed inside it like a painting. Topped with a Black Tourmaline for the recycling of that which has died and fallen away to be used for positive energy. A tiny POUND fist plated in 22k gold dangling for the power-full feeling of the strength and resilience we carry to keep bursting towards lightness. 

On 14k gold fill wire and snake chain. 

A True Talisman for this Season. A piece to be worn in reverence to the New Moon, the Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. A time for going inward and nurturing the soil within so that the seed may be filled with hope for its eventual uncovering. 

Length: 17-19" chain, falls at 20" on the chest by the Heart.