Aurora Choker

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Stone of Magic
Labradorite is a stone of MAGIC. It takes that which appears solid and makes it fluid. It awakes your inner eye to seeing through and into the heart of what you think you can only see physically. It opens gates to wake up your soul and remind you that you are made of stardust. Labradorite, an igneous (aka. volcanic!) rock, is a form of feldspar, meaning it brings light to the crevices and cracks within our lives.
It is magic. Like you.

When a flash of light hits this stone, is like an "Ah-Ha" moment. A Deja Vu. A remembering from deep below the surface. A journey down into the underworld to recover the gems of wisdom and bring them back to the Light once again.

Cut in the shape of a Triangle. A Pyramid. A representation of Mind, Body, Spirit. Past, Present, Future. 

Deep reverence. 

Made on 14k gold fill or sterling silver.


Length: 15-17"