Temple Necklace: Clear Quartz

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Stone of Healing

When Becca of POUND traveled to India, she wore a Rose Quartz Crystal Point Necklace that Mama POUND had created to every temple she went to. She had the intention of expanding her heart’s capacity to open to Love. The piece became a sacred talisman of pure Love. So we created the Temple Necklaces to share with you. We feel that the crystals can capture and hold memories and energies from a pilgrimage, a chapter for remembrance in one’s life, or an intention we are putting out into the world.

This one is clear quartz for CLARITY. Clear quartz is a Master Healer and will 100% attune to YOUR vibrations and energetic needs.

Use your Temple Necklace as you wish. Every single one is unique and will not look exactly like the ones pictured. All are wire wrapped with fine gold fill or sterling silver wire and chain. Each one has a Herkimer Diamond Life-Force Crystal wrapped to it.

Please Note: These pieces are larger than most of our creations. They are fragile and the wire can bend if not stored and handled properly. Please handle with care. Wrap safely and gently in bubble wrap and in a box for traveling to your special sites. Place in the window of the moonlight for charging. Sage for clearing. Please do not wash with water or salt, as the metals can tarnish.

Length: 18-20”

Dimensions: Each Crystal Point is approx. 2.5-3” in length and 1-1.5” in width

This piece is adjustable.

***All crystals are unique. Natural crystals and stones do not grow perfectly symmetrical and may not appear exactly as imaged in photos.  

NOTE: Every single piece is handmade to order. Please allow up to two weeks for your items to ship, though we try our best to get each order out within 2-3 days!! (regardless of which shipping method you choose!)