Prism of Light Necklace

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 The Opal is a Prism of our Aura. A Lightning Bolt holding all of the colors of all of the gems of the universe, peeking out at us through the light of the sun and the moon. All radiating when magic is needed most. Known as the 'Gem of All Gems', the 'Queen of Gems', and the 'Eye Stone', the Opal is known to help bring our deepest concerns up to the surface for transformation and healing. An incredible stone for Mothers and the energy of Mothering, this is a magical stone for bringing light beings into the physical realm, especially if fears arise during this process. Remember your Magic. Bring forth your Light. 
IMPORTANT NOTE ON OPALS: Opals can change color in the SUN and in WATER. Please CARE for your necklace accordingly as it may alter in tone over time. Especially if left in the sun or immersed in water! 

Materials: Quartz Crystal, 18K gold fill, rose gold fill, or sterling silver thin paper clip chain.

Length of entire piece: 14"-16"---meant to be worn at the "notch" in the throat or a little lower 

***All Opals are UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND. Please trust the stone that finds its way to you :) 

SHIPPING: Every single piece is handmade to order. Please allow up to TWO WEEKS for your items to ship, though we try our best to get each order out within 2-3 days!! (regardless of which shipping method you choose!)